“Casual means care-free, not careless”

The aspiration is to be well dressed for every occasion. Casualwear is another field. Casualwear is a wide-ranging field. From “Business Casual” to an easy-going outfit for an outdoor BBQ. The comfortable outfit for your free-time is laid-back, but not sloppy or careless. Masterful, but not stiff. Interesting, but with style and class. And in every case, stitched to a perfect fit.

Casual clothing for men and women means ‘something‘ that is cultivated, sporty and laid back, but at the same time underscored by a perfect fit, fine materials and suitable colors.

“Must haves”

  • Jackets in a light-Version – with or without pattern
  • Blazer with or without pattern
  • Chinos – cotton pants – corduroy
  • Shirts with button-down collars
  • Shirts and tops with patches or contrasting elements
  • Bodycoats – close fitting coats


  • Canvas und Velvet
  • Cotton – Linen
  • Cashmere und Tweed
  • Herringbone und houndstooth
  • Corduroy and cashmere flannel
  • Cavalry twill and gabardine
  • Raw silk and stretch silk


  • Colored buttons
  • Marked contrast – visible stitching accents
  • Patches und contrasting color button-holes
  • Colorful inner lining – wild und cool alternatives
  • Big checks and stylish stripes
  • Colorful edges and collar accents
  • Stylish monogram – or your own signature

We are specialists in casualwear and can give you recommendations on how to master the arena of casual dressing. Let us create must-have “Key-pieces” for your ”Smart Casual” wardrobe as per your measurements and wishes. Thus, you are always assured of a perfect, stylish and unique appearance!

Our recommendations For individuals and firms.

Clothing is like having the first word, akin to visual ‘small talk’. You are your own ambassador! You cannot not have an effect! A competent knowledge of the basic vocabulary of clothing is a solid foundation for creating an effective and authentic professional impression.

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