• General college entrance
  • Studied German textile business in Nagold
  • Assistant product management / sales leadership with “März München”
  • Studies at the Universita per i Stranieri in Perugia, Italy
  • Internship at a fine leather shoe firm in Italy
  • 10 years of leadership of a traditional local small business – a sister firm in the fashion branch (shoes/women’s fashion)
  • Many years of practical experience in the fashion industry in the areas of trends, purchasing, sales, coaching training, visual merchandising
  • Trained in style, color and image coaching
  • Columnist for “Stuttgart Nachrichten“ 2010
  • Author for trade journals and magazines
  • Book author “Perfekte Kleidung fördert die Karriere” (available in German)
  • Owner Ulrike Mayer Germany – fine made-to-measure clothing

Ulrike Mayer

TEXTIle and Clothing expert,

AUThor and columnist.

Ulrike Mayer is a textile and clothing expert and author of a manual on how to dress for success (available in German: “Kleidungkompetenz”). Her roots lie in a firm, whose history stretches back over 250 years. Since 1995, she has been coaching individuals from politics, government, companies, and startups. By teaching them the ground rules for a stylish, elegant, professional and polished wardrobe, an important step on the ladder to success ...

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